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Author, Bob Sigall

Author, Bob Sigall

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PUBLISHED 10-13-17.

The Companies We Keep is a fascinating read for kama'aina (local residents) and anyone with an interest in Hawaii's rich history or who has spent time in the islands. The book includes stories about 450 businesses, contains over 3000 facts, and 275 historical photos and images. It also includes 20 fun quizzes and lists,
a time line of businesses in Hawaii and much more!

This unique book grew out of an assignment given to the students in Bob Sigall's graduate-level Integrated Marketing class at Hawaii Pacific University. The students were asked to find out how well-known companies in Hawaii chose their names, slogans, and logos. After three semesters of reading their reports, it was obvious they had uncovered so many interesting stories, that they should be published. With that objective in mind, the assignment continued for another three years. The students interviewed over 150 companies and the author added more companies he knew
to be interesting.

Some of the fascinating stories!

Which Waikiki restaurant was founded by Frank Sinatra's touring chef?

get the answer

Which bank was founded with a parade of gold coins through downtown Honolulu?

get the answer

How did Tripler come to be painted pink?

get the answer

Why did they name it Zippys?

get the answer



What is the meaning of "Punahou" one of Hawaii's premier private schools?

get the answer

Read the interesting stories behind:

182 restaurants
89 retailers
25 hotels
20 service companies
20 schools
17 media companies
11 agriculture companies
8 financial institutions
8 clubs, golf courses, ranches & places
6 automotive companies
6 travel companies
6 artists/entertainers
4 organizations
3 churches

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